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Release date common problems and solutions in the use of stepping motor

Question:How to handle the motor temperature is too high?

First, in accordance with the provisions of the rated current of the motor to be tested, if the temperature is too high, the current low first gear is selected for testing, until the motor surface temperature does not exceed its scope.

Question:It was found to reduce the current motor driven load capacity is reduced?

Shall consider replacing the larger torque stepper motor, it can also increase the gearbox to increase the motor load power.

Question:A rise in motor speed, namely with fixed load it?

Since the running torque motor not meet the requirements to drive the load, in that case, should the frequency according to the motor torque curve to choose the right motor.

Question:Motor positioning allowed, out of step how to do?

Load may be too large, poorly designed and reducing speed can also cause such problems. First, lower other operating frequency, the drive motor and drive if there is a problem lifting frequency point of view, if still out of step, we must first replace the drive, and then replace the clip test, if the phenomenon is still a greater need to consider replacing the torque motor.

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